Micro ATX Cabinet

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
The slimmest ATX cabinets with a stylish look.
This cabinet has a main board with a size of micro ATX and a standard ATX power supply. It has a lightening proof cabinet with a fan for temperature control along with low noise and ripple.
Key Elements
It ensures short circuit protection on all outputs with a 100% burn-in test (45c + 5c) guaranteed. It has been 100% Hi-pot ATE tested for your complete safety. It comes with 2 sata ready connectors and a power hub with 2 front hub ports 2.0 and 2 front audio ports. The body of the cabinet is of 0.5 mm thickness. At 350 X 160 X 370 mm, the dimensions are quite sleek and compact. The SMPS comes with a 230W switching mode power supply and low noise, thermally controlled fan. It is an energy saving model with 70% efficiency on full load. ATX 20 Pin (20 pin) -1 ATX +4 Pin (4 Pin) -1, Sata – 2, ATX 12V CPU (4 Pin) -1, HDD/ODD-2, FDD-1.

Available models and colors –
Micro ATX Sapphire 007 (Black & Blue),
Micro ATX Mystical 700 (Black & Red),
Micro ATX Royale 2311 (Black & Red), 
Micro ATX Gloria 3211 (Black & Silver)


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