Cabinet W/O Power Supply

Unique Feature:

Unique Feature:

Sturdy structure design with high-end component support.


Delivers high-end features in the affordable market space. It has several convective heat discharge fan design to make inner case has large vents on the side panel for superior cooling. The case made from A class steel with 0.5mm thickness.  It is lighting proof and has short circuit protection on all outputs.

Key Element:

It comes with 2 HD Audio and USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port in front for user convenience. It ensures short circuit protection on all outputs with a 100% burn-in has extra power switch on top, you can operate either one or both switch. Driver bays: - 5.25" bay outside x 1, 3.5" bays x 3, 2.5" bays x 2. Fan structure: - 12 cm fan on top for supper cooling, 2 x 8 cm fan on back and front side to make the case super cool.


Available models and colors -  

 Cabinet W/O Power Supply – Swift Blue

Cabinet W/O Power Supply – Swift Black



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