ATX Cabinet

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
Sleek and classy designer ATX in 3 different styles and colors.
This is a lightening proof cabinet to suit your needs. With a cooling fan for temperature control and short circuit protection on all outputs, this is a safe buy with low noise and ripple. It has nylon coated cable connectors.
Key Elements
It is 100% burn-in tested (45c + 5c) and 100% Hi-pot ATE tested for your safety. It has 2 sata ready connectors and a power hub with 2 front hub ports 2.0 and 2 front audio ports. The cabinet weighs 4.05 kgs with a thickness of 0.5mm, a light weight option for your convenience. It comes with a universal motherboard plug with 20 + 4 pin support to fit in latest motherboards. It has an ATX switch mode power supply and a low noise, thermally controlled fan. It has an energy saving design with over 70% efficiency on a full load. Its maximum power is 400 WATT at an input of 220V to 230V. ATX 20 Pin (20 pin) -1, ATX +4 Pin (4 Pin) -1, Sata – 2, ATX 12V CPU (4 Pin) -1, HDD/ODD-2, FDD-1.

Available models and colors - 
Model 4030: Black & Blue, Black & Red
Model 1105: Black & Red, Black & Silver
Model 5011: Black & Red, Black & Silver


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