Xpro Micro Slim Cabinet Emperor

Unique Feature

Unique Feature

Small and compact design with micro ATX foam factor.


This Slimmest cabinet comes with a Micro SMPS. It has several convective heat discharge fan design to make inner case cool.  It is lighting proof and has short circuit protection on all outputs. It has a main board size of Micro ATX. It comes with front USB/audio connector for user convenience.

Key Elements

It ensures short circuit protection on all outputs with a 100% burn-in test (45c + 5c) guaranteed. It has been 100% Hi-pot ATE tested for your complete safety. The case of the cabinet is of 0.5 mm thickness. It is an energy saving design with 65% efficiency typical on full load. Driver bays: - 5.25" bay outside x 1, 3.5" bays x 2, 2.5" bays x 1. Fan structure: - 8 cm fan on side x 1, 6 cm fan on back x 1 with 1 x 8 cm on front and 1 x 6 cm on back are optional.


Warranty: 3 Year

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