XP-5252 Standard Wired Combo

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
A keyboard with 104 keys along and a 4D mouse with 800 DPI.
This is a high utility combo with unique features that support your need for a smooth functioning keyboard and mouse. Its carefully conceptualized design is meant to make it an easy-to use, hassle free product that adds value to everything you do on your computer.
Key Elements
With 104 keys that include the latest (rupee) symbol, this combo includes an advance optical mouse with 800 DPI resolution and a cable length of 1.5 meters. It is equipped with both USB and gold plated PS2 interface for your ease of usage. The switch life of this keyboard-mouse duo is 10 million cycles, making it a long lasting product that you can count on. It supports Windows 7, Vista and XP; thus it is a wholesome option for your peripheral needs. Simplify your life with this exemplary keyboard-mouse combo that makes working on your computer an effortless experience.


Warranty: 3 Years 

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