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Xpro Standard Wired Combo Powerage USB+USB

Unique Feature

Unique Feature

A keyboard with Elegance, durable design ideal for new systems and applications.


This is a high utility combo with unique features that support your need for a smooth functioning keyboard and mouse. Its carefully conceptualized design is meant to make it an easy-to use, Adjustable mechanism offers comfortable typing positions.

Key Elements

With 103 keys that include the latest (rupee) symbol, this combo includes an advance optical mouse with 1000 DPI resolution and a cable length of 1.5 meters. It is equipped with USB gold plated interface for your ease of usage. The switch life of this keyboard-mouse duo is 10 million cycles, making it a long lasting product that you can count on. It supports Windows 8.1 and backward compatible, Vista and XP; thus it is a wholesome option for your peripheral needs. Simplify your life with this exemplary keyboard-mouse combo that makes working on your computer an effortless experience.


Warranty: 3 Year 

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