Black Marvel Combo

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
A compact, chocolate keyboard that is wireless to complement your sleek system.99 + 9 multimedia keys and a mouse with 800/1600 DPI. It comes with 2AAA + 1AA batteries.
Black Marvel is especially designed for those who like things classy. With its unique 2.4 GHz wireless technology that seamlessly links the keyboard with the mouse and receiver, this is a battery saving computer essential with a power on/off option. The wireless technology extends the control effective distance to 8 to 10 meters, making it even more users friendly.
Key Elements

 It’s an easy to use hardware with the plug & play feature. With 108 keys, including 9 multimedia keys, the keyboard is well equipped to be used for diverse purposes, be it work or entertainment.   The mouse, on the other hand, has optical sensors, which enhances your experience multifold.  The keyboard uses a 2AAA battery while the mouse works on 1AA, extending the total usage to 5,000,000 cycles. The mouse carries a resolution of 800/1600 DPI.

Warranty: 3 Years 

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