Hybrid 160 Wireless 2.4 GHz Combo

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
A perfect keyboard for gamers. Comes with 104 + 9 multimedia keys and a 4D mouse with 800/1600 DPI. It comes with 1AA+2AAA Duracell battery.
A 2.4 GHz technology based wireless keyboard and mouse combo that allows for a flawless linking of keyboard, mouse and receiver. The unique design of the keyboard gives it a utility edge over other keyboards. It has a special bottom panel to give rest to your palms as you work on the system. This keyboard and mouse combo is a perfect fit for those who like gaming. The easy plug and play feature and the optical sensors in the mouse make it a simple to use product too.
Key Elements
The control effective distance is as much as 8-10 meters for your comfortable use. A total of 113 keys include 9 multimedia keys placed on the top panel, giving it a smart look. The keyboard uses a 1AA battery while the mouse works on 2AAA, extending the total usage to 5,000,000 cycles. The mouse has a resolution of 800/1600 DPI.


Warranty: 3 Years 

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