Power Bank 20000 mAh Impulse 6011

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
A powerful dual output powerhouse that can charge phones, tablets. Comes with AC/DC Adaptor 2 plug.
Here’s an emergency power bank which will never let you down even when you are travelling long distances without any stable source of electricity at hand. Be it a road trip or backpacking, you will never have to worry about the battery in your phone. At 20000 mAh, this power bank comes with connectors for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Micro USB, Mini USB. AC/DC Adaptor 2 plug.
Key Elements
It has dual output – Standard USB-A connector 5V/1A and 5V/2A with a micro input of USB 5V /1.5A (Max). The battery charging time is 7-8 hours and a battery cycle life of over 500. It’s a high efficiency, widely compatible device that saves electricity and is protected against over current, over heat and over voltage. It can charge regular smart phones more than 4 times.

Now live a life free of hassles with this emergency power bank and travel to your heart’s content!


Warranty: 1 Years 

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