Power Bank 7800 mAh - Empire 1106

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
With dual output and enough power to charge a tablet along with a smart phone. Comes with AC/DC Adaptor 2 plug.
Travelling and worried about the declining battery in your smartphone and other devices? Well, not anymore! At 7800 mAh, this power bank is suitable for those who travel often. It comes with connectors for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Micro USB, Mini USB and AC/DC Adaptor 2 plug. It has a universal application thus you can use it to replenish your battery charge in various devices that you carry!
Key Elements
It has dual output – Standard USB-A connector 5V/1A and 5V/2A with a micro input of USB 5V /1.5A (Max). The battery charging time is 7-8 hours and a battery cycle life of over 500. It’s a high efficiency, widely compatible device that saves electricity and is protected against over current, over heat and over voltage.

Gone are the days of struggling with draining batteries and finding place and time to charge them while travelling.


Warranty: 1 Years 

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