White Horse SMPS

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
A basic power house for your computer system.
Be it your home or office, this SMPS will always be your reliable power source when you need it the most to finish important tasks. At 400 watt peak power, this power supply unit is best suited for those who have basic power requirement for their day-to-day computer usage. It has super silent thermally controlled fan with an energy saving design.
Key Elements
Its dimensions are 150 X 140 X 85mm, making it a compact and portable device. Short circuit protection on all outputs and 100% burn-in tested (45c + 5c) ensures that it’s a safe device to use. It comes with a nylon-coated connector having the following pins - 20+4 Pin-1,P4-1, 2 SATA,2 PATA.


Warranty: 3 Years 

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