USB 3.0 HUB Marvel

Unique Feature

Unique Feature
3.0 USB with 4 ports and a transfer speed of 2 GB per second.
It is easy to use and carry with a very high-performance guarantee. Its compact design makes it a very portable device that anyone can use with great ease. Now transfer data at high speed with any hassles!
Key Elements
A plug & play device with 3.0 USB 4 ports ultra-mini hub. The transfer speed is 2GB/s along with 4 parallel ports which can run at very high speed; this is a fast device for any system. With extra DC-in support optional for big current devices, this is a safe buy for all kinds of data transfer use.

It also has a short USB cable retractable into the shell and a 5V-2A adaptor.


Warranty: 2 Years 

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